Hudobny Zivot (music magazine) Bratislava, Slovakia
Interview about McNulty fortepianos
 Viviana Sofronitsky
In Slovak and English
Current Time TV (radio Liberty)
Concert interview with Viviana Sofronitsky
In Russian
Ruch Muzyczny (music magazine) Warsaw, Poland
Interview with McNulty and Viviana Sofronitsky
In English
Tokafi, Germany
15 Questions to Viviana Sofronitzki
In English
Музыкальная Жизнь (music magazine), Moscow, Russia
Возвращая голоса ушедших эпох by Е.Федорович
In Russian
Novaya Gazeta – short story
in Russian
Russian Culture TV - English subtitles
"Абсолютный слух", канал Культура, Россия
in Russian
Liszt’s Boisselot piano in Weimar
From original to the copy
Piano Bulletin, Netherlands
Muzsika (music magazine), Budapest, Hungary
Interview with Paul McNulty and Viviana Sofronitsky
by Judit Petranyi

In Hungarian
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